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‘Not Safe in Our Homes’: Muslim Community Calls for Action Following Arson in Ontario

IQNA – The Muslim community in London, Ontario, has reiterated its call for tangible measures against Islamophobia after a suspected arson attack targeted a Muslim family's residence.
Officials Urged to Stand with New Mosque in Maryland
IQNA – The public has been urged to act now to call on officials in Harford County, US state of Maryland, to stand in solidarity with the Harford Islamic Center (HIC)/Masjid Ibrahim.
21:08 , 2024 Jun 13
WHO Chief Warns of ‘Catastrophic Hunger’ in Gaza
IQNA – The head of the World Health Organization warned of “catastrophic hunger” in the Gaza Strip amid the Israeli regime’s brutal war and siege on the Palestinian enclave.
09:24 , 2024 Jun 13
Recognition of State of Palestine A Natural Thing for Norway to Do: Envoy
IQNA – The recognition of the State of Palestine was a natural thing to do for Norway, the Norwegian ambassador to Turkey said.  
17:02 , 2024 Jun 12
Canada Raises Concerns with Israel Over Anti-Muslim Misinformation Campaign: Report
IQNA – The Canadian government has reportedly reached out to the Israeli regime to address concerns about a coordinated and Islamophobic misinformation campaign that has been targeting Canadian citizens online amid the war on Gaza.
15:30 , 2024 Jun 12
Jordan Slams Israeli Settlers’ Storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque
IQNA – The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates issued a strong condemnation of the recent Israeli colonists’ storming of the al-Aqsa Mosque compound, where they performed rituals under the protection of Israeli police.
13:58 , 2024 Jun 12
‘Racist Smear’: Muslim Lawyer Sues Firm for Job Discrimination over Palestine Solidarity
IQNA – A Muslim lawyer in the United States has taken legal action, alleging job discrimination based on her social media posts supporting Palestine.
11:11 , 2024 Jun 12
Gaza Scene of ‘Unprecedented Scale’ of War Crimes against Children: UN Report
IQNA – The Gaza Strip, which has been under a brutal war waged by the Israeli regime, and the occupied Palestinian territories have seen more grave violations committed against children than anywhere else in the world last year.
08:40 , 2024 Jun 12
Canada: House Showing Palestinian Symbols Targeted by Arson Attack
IQNA – A house in Canada’s London, that had erected signs of solidarity with Palestine, was targeted by an arsonist amid growing Islamophobia in the North American country.
08:25 , 2024 Jun 10
AL Calls Argentinian President’s Stance on Palestine Unjustified
IQNA – The Arab League regretted the Argentinian president’s unjustified stance on Palestine.
19:25 , 2024 Jun 11
US Muslims to Celebrate Eid with Communal Prayers Sunday
IQNA – Muslims across the US will celebrate Eid al-Adha (festival of the sacrifice), which marks the end of the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca, called Hajj, with communal prayers Sunday.
18:32 , 2024 Jun 11
Indonesian Comedian Sentenced to Seven Months for Blasphemous Remarks
IQNA – A comedian named Aulia Rakhman has been sentenced to seven months in prison on charges of blasphemy in Muslim majority Indonesia.
12:04 , 2024 Jun 11
US Students Demand Professor’s Reinstatement after Her Dismissal over Gaza Genocide Assignment
IQNA – Offering students an optional lesson on the health impacts of the Israeli genocide in Gaza led to the firing of a biology professor at the DePaul University in the US state of Illinois.
07:56 , 2024 Jun 11