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'Our Safe Space Destroyed on Eid': Muslims Feel Unsafe after Islamic Center Vandalized at Rutgers

IQNA – Muslims students at Rutgers University have expressed concern about their safety as their Islamic center was vandalized on Eid al-Fitr.
Canada: Muslim Group Calls for Reviving Anti-Hate Bill amid Rise in Islamophobia
IQNA – A Canadian Muslim organization has urged for the revival of an anti-hate bill amid the growing Islamophobic incidents in the country.
20:05 , 2024 Apr 12
San Francisco Man Faces Hate Crime Charges for Mosque Vandalism
IQNA – A San Francisco man has been charged with hate crime after vandalizing a mosque.
15:53 , 2024 Apr 12
Greek Mosque Opens for Eid Prayers after A Century
IQNA – Eid-al Fitr prayers were performed by over 100 Muslim worshippers at the Yeni Mosque in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Wednesday.
11:35 , 2024 Apr 11
Kentucky Muslims Wave Palestinian Flags, Call for End to Israeli War on Gaza
IQNA – After performing Eid al-Fitr payers, Muslims in Louisville, US state of Kentucky, waved flags of Palestine and called for a ceasefire in Gaza.  
18:53 , 2024 Apr 11
Quran Desecrated in Sweden on Eid
IQNA – As Muslims in Sweden were celebrating Eid al-Fitr, a copy of the Holy Quran was desecrated in the capital.
13:05 , 2024 Apr 11
‘Islamophobia is Real and Hurts’: San Diego Reports Uptick in Anti-Muslim Hate
IQNA – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently convened a press conference in San Diego to highlight a disturbing surge in anti-Muslim sentiment.
10:54 , 2024 Apr 10
Sydney: Major Mosque Opts for Politician-Free Eid Prayer in Solidarity with Gaza
IQNA – In a departure from tradition, the Lakemba Mosque in Sydney did not extend an invitation to any politicians for the annual Eid prayer this year in support of Gaza.
17:07 , 2024 Apr 10
UT Austin Muslim Student Victim of Alleged Hate Crime
IQNA – An alleged hate crime targeted a Muslim student at the University of Texas, Austin last Friday evening. The student, adorned in traditional South Asian Muslim attire (kurta shalwar), was returning to campus after prayers at a local mosque.
10:59 , 2024 Apr 09
Growing Interest: Minnesota Sees Rise in New Muslim Converts Amid Gaza War
IQNA – Muslim leaders in Minnesota have reported a significant uptick in conversions to Islam in the past six months amid the Israeli war on Gaza.
10:26 , 2024 Apr 10
Killer of Four Members of Muslim Family in Ontario Seeking to Appeal Convictions
IQNA – A man convicted of murdering four members of a Muslim family in Ontario, Canada, is seeking to appeal the convictions, his lawyer said.
21:13 , 2024 Apr 09
Muslim Americans Prioritize Gaza Activism during Ramadan
IQNA – During the holy month of Ramadan this year, the Palestinian cause took center stage among Muslims across the US as the Israeli regime’s genocidal war on Gaza continues.
16:25 , 2024 Apr 09
NYC Agrees to $17.5 Million Settlement for Hijab Removal for Mug Shot
IQNA – New York City consented to a $17.5 million settlement in response to a legal claim from two Muslim-American women who said that their rights were infringed upon by police who compelled them to take off their hijabs for photographs following their arrest.
18:32 , 2024 Apr 06